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What we Do Best
Protect your company from operational risks, ranging from fraud, theft and sabotage to poor performance, revenue leakage and ineffective internal controls.


Asset Protection

Through an Internal Audit using proprietary Fact Based Inspection techniques, we identify risks and liabilities you do not know you have. We provide recommendations for corrective action.

Our suite of services allow you to screen applicants, assess policies and procedures, manage crises and measure effectiveness and efficiency to improve operations.

Our unique skillset drawn from experience as an FBI Inspector in Charge and CIA Inspector General School will not be found in Human Resources or other divisions of your organization.

Michael and his team are experts at identifying risks and operational problems and offering recommendations for corrective action.

We find the unfiltered facts.

Pre-employment Screening:

Conducting thorough and effective background screening requires investigative skills. There is no greater expertise than that of a retired FBI Agent.


Internal investigation require expertise, discretion and the ability to interact with law enforcement. Trust SPIRIT to handle your sensitive internal matters. If not investigated properly, your internal matter may become a crisis.


Your security program is more than just locks, cameras and security guards. SPIRIT will review your written policies and procedures and test your daily practices. One system weakness can result in deadly consequences.


Workplace Violence, Fraud Prevention and many other security related topics. Call us and we can design a customized training program